27Oct 2014

Solar water heaters are innovative products, but solar geyser prices hold many people back. The reality is that solar geysers are lifesavers to some parts of the world that need energy savings. The heaters do not emit half the pollution made by non-solar, energy-consumptive machines. Over time, users save significantly on their energy bills. If […]

16Oct 2014

In what is believed to be the biggest solar pump system in South Africa to date, SESSA Photovoltaic Division Member, KG Electric, has supplied a 35.2KWp solar pumping system at Haakdoringduin, about 110km from Upington. The installation was undertaken by AgriSolar of Upington, with engineering and commissioning assistance from KG Electric. The 37KW solar pump […]

16Oct 2014

A new report alleges that the Walton family’s environmental agenda is greenwashing. The reality is far more complicated. Julia Pyper October 15, 2014 According to a recent report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), the Walton family, majority owners of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., is secretly waging a war on distributed energy through efforts to […]

16Oct 2014

A UK water company has begun supplying domestic gas produced from human waste to homes. Severn Trent Water said it is the first company to provide gas for heating and cooking to the National Grid using “poo power”. The biomethane is produced by breaking down sludge from a sewage treatment plant. Severn Trent said Northumbrian […]

07Oct 2014

Solar geysers are the newest advancement in water-heating technology. Traditional water geysers utilise electricity to heat up the water. Solar geysers utilise solar or the sun’s energy to heat up. While there are many companies out there that provide solar geysers, Solar Guru is the leader when it comes providing quality geysers. Why?  

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