Ready to go green by installing Apollo solar geysers in Johannesburg?

You’re looking to heat up water using a renewable form of energy, right? Consider Apollo solar geysers for your Johannesburg home or office. 

apollo solar geysers Johannesburg

Apollo is a trusted brand for people who are in the market for geysers that operate on solar energy. If you are one of those many people who are now more into using unconventional tools in order to cater their energy needs, you can opt for Solar Guru who are the authorised dealers of Apollo Solar Geysers.

Did you know that your current geyser alone consumes at least 45 % of the power shown on your bill? A major chunk of your bill comes from the usage of a geyser that operates on electricity. In short, if you are tired of paying crazy amounts of money on your electricity bill just because of your geyser, it is time for you to find an alternative, like  Apollo solar geysers in Johannesburg from Solar Guru.

Save Money With Solar Energy

With a fully functional solar geyser, you will be able to save a lot of money while also making sure that your needs are not ruining the environment around you. Today, the world is towards other avenues that can help in catering the ever-growing energy needs. Here in Johannesburg, there has been a sharp increase in the usage of renewable energy systems which is why each day, more and more people are opting for a renewable solution for their geysers. Not only does having a solar geyser helps in cutting down cost, it also ensures that its usage is not detrimental to the environment.

Another reason why more and more people are eyeing solar geysers is the introduction of the new energy efficiency building regulations which save an average of 2,600 KWh/y of electricity when compared with an electric geyser.

So all you have to do in order to find Apollo solar geysers in Johannesburg is to go to the nearest Solar Guru franchise where you will have the option of choosing from a variety of solar geysers that will suit your needs.

Solar Guru Apollo geyser

Your average solar geyser relies on warm water rising which is a process also known as natural convection. As water in the plate heats, it becomes lighter and rises into the tank above. This is a very straightforward step which means that as long as the blue and green ball keeps floating around the sun, the geyser will keep churning warm water into the pumps.

Choose Apollo Solar Geysers in Johannesburg

So what are you waiting for? Take out your car keys and go find Apollo solar geysers in Johannesburg. With a solar geyser coming straight from the manufacturing plants of Apollo, you are sure to save a lot of money. Contact Solar Guru now for a renewable energy option that will save you money too.