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The key benefits of having a solar geyser

  • One of the biggest benefits of having a solar geyser is that your water will be heated by the sun. With a solar powered geyser up to 90% of your water will be heated by the sun.
  • Areas that have frost will not be affected as a solar geyser is up to 30% more efficient in those areas that are known to get frost.
  • The solar geysers installed by Solar Guru have the benefit of using technology that is internationally recognised and is up to international standards.
  • Solar Geysers have the ability to save money by up to 90% and Eskom gives rebates to those who have Solar Geysers allowing you to get your money back.
  • By using solar geysers you will not only be benefiting your own household but you will also be benefiting the community as you will be saving the amount of electricity that is supplied by Eskom. This reduces the demand on the already strained national electricity grid.
  • The high quality products are backed by great warranties.
  • Solar geysers have lower greenhouse emissions so they are better for the environment.
  • A solar geyser is protected from frost so it will never be damaged by the corrosive effects that frost can have.
  • Solar geysers from Solar Guru are only the highest quality products.


Solar Guru products in George, Eastern Cape

The electricity trends of the world are changing as the non-renewable resources are depleting quickly. Many countries worldwide have come to the same conclusion which is that a renewable energy resource is necessary for the survival of the planet and for the inhabitants of the planet. Solar energy has become the go to resource and Solar Guru makes solar geysers available to citizens in George in the Eastern Cape. As a sustainable energy company, Solar Guru is committed to providing great solar energy products that are made to be long lasting as well as highly efficient. And a great benefit of buying products through Solar Guru is that all of the products are not only approved by Eskom but they are also certified by Eskom.

In George, Eastern Cape, solar power is a great choice when it comes to the use of sustainable resources of energy. South Africa enjoys plenty of days of sun. Did you know that South Africa enjoys some of the highest amounts of daily sunshine in the world? This is one of the factors that makes solar power and solar geysers a great energy choice. Even on cold winter days the amount of sunlight that you will be receiving is very high, meaning that you will still enjoy the benefits of having solar power.

Many people might be put off by the prices that are associated with the installation of solar power technology but Solar Guru products, including those that are available in George, Eastern Cape, can be financed to make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits that come along with having a solar geyser. Solar energy is able to give South Africans who previously had no access to electricity the opportunity to have sustainable electricity that is not dependent on the countries already strained electricity grid.

In these financially difficult times, saving any amount of money is going to have a great impact on your financial status. Solar geysers have the ability to save you up to 45% of the money that you spend on your electricity bill each month as it is your geyser that takes up the majority of your electricity consumption each month. The solar geyser is a great investment for your home and by installing solar powered geysers you will also be able to enjoy the rebates that Eskom is able to provide. In George, Eastern Cape, solar geysers offered by Solar Guru are only of the highest quality and they are created to withstand all types of weather. These geysers are fitted with a backup element that will ensure that even when you don’t have sun for a few days you will still have solar heated water for your home.

At Solar Guru we believe that solar energy is the future of sustainable, economical electricity resources. South Africa enjoys an abundance of sun energy, and it is all for free, so let’s move forward into the future by making use of clean energy.