Uitstekende diens en hoe besparing .Sal Solar Geysers technology defnitief aanbefeel.

I'm very impressed with the solar system and it saves me a lot of money

Berend is a no nonsense type of guy. His sells his solution as being simple and do not get stuck in technicalities. He has good product knowledge and is willing to conduct business on difficult times of the day. I would have loved to receive more written communication, detailing our agreement etc. He should also have written info such as brochures at hand for further reading. Installation was good. The guys were willing to work till after dark but this has its downside such as damaging tv cables in the roof. Ther were two other incidents of carelesness while on site and Berend wasn't hesitant to compensate at all. Overall i was satisfied, but everything just lacked a bit of professionalism.

These guys are amazing. I am saving a hell of alot of money on my electricity bill

Had to remove ALL of our Gas appliances as we spent a whole lot of money monthly still on it! NOW we use the sun as a heating source!! Thanks to SGT!!!