Solar geysers are the newest advancement in water-heating technology.

Traditional water geysers utilise electricity to heat up the water. Solar geysers utilise solar or the sun’s energy to heat up. While there are many companies out there that provide solar geysers, Solar Guru is the leader when it comes providing quality geysers. Why?

Benefits and Advantages of Solar Geysers to Individuals

When you purchase a solar geyser from Solar Guru, you will save lots of money on your electricity bills. This is because these geysers source 90% of energy from sunlight to heat up the water. In areas that are prone to frost, this efficiency is 30% more. This technology has been tested thoroughly and is utilised throughout the globe. Solar Guru’s geysers emit the lowest amount of greenhouse emissions, which is great news for our planet.

solar geyser from Solar Guru


It surprises some that these geysers are easy to maintain. They have tubes that are weather-resistant and can therefore withstand frost and hail. You might wonder how it operates on cloudy days? The good news is that water will continue to be heated on cloud covered days.

Benefits to the Country

Due to the reliance on solar energy, solar geysers emit reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This reduces electricity demands. This new technology helps to create more employment opportunities as it requires new skill sets. Households without electricity no longer have to wait for the light to come on in order to use hot water. Best of all, renewable energy is utilised so there is no wastage.

Solar energy is something that does not get depleted unlike fossil fuels, so as long as the sun keeps shining the geyser will work. Due to its dependence on a renewable energy source, countries will not have to import expensive fuel. Countries that have warm and sunny places will benefits most from solar geysers.

Other Important Information

Since these systems have very low maintenance expenses, they have a good payback timeframe of 5 to 10 years. Individuals who are interested in making the switch to solar geysers, should contact a reputable company such as Solar Guru. They have a range of solar geysers from which you can choose.

Solar Guru solar geyser


Don’t let money be a hindrance because they also offer affordable financing options. You can immediately access up to 6 quotes on solar geysers, by visiting their website. All of Solar Guru’s solar geysers are installed by technicians who are skilled and trained to perform such activities. If you have any questions about solar geysers or are interested in obtaining one yourself, contact Solar Guru at 012 992 5022.