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What is a solar inverter?

Solar inverters convert direct current into alternate current. Unlike alternate current, a direct current flows in one direction. Solar panels produce DC current while the batteries also store DC power. However, appliances run on AC power. A solar inverter is required for all solar systems and storage systems such as batteries.

Types of solar installations

• On-grid solar without battery storage
• Off-grid solar with battery storage

• On-grid solar installations are the most popular and affordable solar installations. These systems use inverters to convert the DC power from the solar panels to AC power. Therefore, the power can be directly used on your power grid or for your appliances.

• Off-grid solar system installations are much more complex than on-grid solar systems. These systems require both solar panels and battery storage for the DC power from the solar panels. Multiple inverters may be required in these installations such as a solar inverter or a sophisticated battery inverter charger.

Two types of solar inverters

String inverters are used when solar panels are installed and linked together to form a string. A string can be made up from as little as three panels to fifteen or more panels. DC power is absorbed by the string to the inverter to be converted to AC power.

Micro inverters

Small inverters usually attached to the back of a solar panel. Micro inverters usually convert the power of one of the two of the solar panels to AC power. In a solar system, many micro inverters may be required. These inverters can be less affordable compared to string inverters.
Advantages of Microinverters include:
• Monitoring
• Safety
• Performance

Simple off-grid solar system

Uses a battery inverter to convert DC power from a battery to AC power for your electrical appliances. These systems require battery charges and regulators.
Advanced off-grid solar system
These solar inverters consist of built-in chargers known better as inverter charges.

Interactive inverters

Some more advanced inverters include generator control systems and monitoring capabilities. These are known as interactive inverters. These inverters are used alongside solar inverters to create an AC coupled system.

All-in-one hybrid solar inverter

All-in-one hybrid solar inverters combine a solar inverter and inverter charger into one single unit. These inverters allow you to enable which is known as “self-use” solar energy.

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