Solar Guru with their Solar Geysers & Products is a sustainable, alternate energy solution.

Its main focus is the supply of Low- and High-Pressure Solar Geysers.

We are a proud solar geyser installer and supplier with excellent solar geyser prices on: SA solar geysers, Sunray solar geysers and retrofit solar geysers.

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Key benefits of our Solar Geysers & Systems

Up to 90% of your water heating needs sourced directly from the Sun.

Up to 30% more efficient in frost prone areas. A proven technology – widely used throughout the world.

High quality Solar Geysers and products backed by generous warranties.

Amongst the lowest greenhouse emissions of any system in the market.

Can pay for itself in 2-3 years.

Naturally frost protected – perfect for cold climates. Can be retro-fitted to existing geysers.

Solar Geysers are the future

Superior Solar Geyser quality.

Our Solar Geysers & Products

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High quality solar geysers for sale at Solar Guru


We have excellent solar geyser prices on our SA solar geysers, Sunray solar geysers and on all our retrofit solar geyser installation products.

Solar Guru has an excellent solar geyser installation reputation while we also provide outstanding assistance on all our solar products offered to best suit your specific needs.

Solar geysers consist of a solar collector and a storage tank for the hot water. A solar geyser can either heat water directly or it can use heat transfer liquids depending on your requirements.

Highest quality solar geysers for sale and we offer excellent solar geyser prices while all the installation fees are inclusive.

Retrofit solar geyser installer

A retrofitted solar geyser installation is one of the most popular solar geyser installations provided by Solar Guru. If you own an existing Sunray electrical geyser, therefore a flat plate solar geyser system or a highly efficient solar geyser tube system can be easily installed as a retrofitted solar geyser system.  No need to buy a new geyser, just use your existing geyser alongside our retrofitted solar geyser installation.  Our company is well known for being a retrofit solar geyser installer in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounding areas of North West.

Retrofit solar flat plate

Retrofit flat panel solar geyser by Solar Guru

Simple and straight forward solar geyser system that is also very easy to install. Being a flat plate solar geyser installer, this is one of our most popular products and solar geyser installations. Heat transfer fluid is used most commonly in solar flat plate geysers. Cold water enters the storage tank while the solar flat plate collector uses the fluid through the cold water and heats it up. Circulation follows after the water is heated up.  Our retrofitted solar flat panel geysers are a very affordable solar solution which is also very effective and efficient.  Our solar geyser prices on the solar flat plate retrofitted geysers are very competitive and affordable for you to save on purchases and energy consumption.

Solar flat plate collector diagram

Benefits of solar flat plate collectors:


  • Retrofitted which is even more cost effective and simplifies the solar geyser installation.
  • Durability which will last you for years.
  • Affordability which saves you greatly on costs.
  • All installation fees are also included.
  • SABS approved.
  • Little to no maintenance required on our solar flat panel geysers.

Retrofit solar geyser tube system

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Most efficient solar heating panels are the evacuated tube or  solar  tube panels. Throughout all seasons, our solar geyser tube systems will generate energy for heating water. Heating up of solar panels on our solar geyser tube systems, due to the sun’s short-wave radiation solar rays and converting it to long-wave radiation.  Testing concluded that solar geyser tube systems perform best in the South African climate. Internal plumbing of your home needs to be inspected for compatibility, but our team of solar geyser installers will handle that for you. No property permissions required, in most cases, of our retrofitted solar geyser tube systems.  Our retrofitted solar geyser tube systems add a bit of luxury to your modern home.

Retrofitted solar geyser prices

Solar geyser prices have decreased in South Africa because a solar geyser became a standard installation with new development regulations. It all depends on your needs and what water tank sizes you require for the amount of people in a household. Solar Guru has very competitive solar geyser prices which comes with outstanding after sale services.

See all our solar geyser prices and information  here.

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Benefits of retrofit evacuated tube solar collectors

  • Very efficient solar geyser.
  • Durable during frost and performs great during winter.
  • Heating rods to contribute in the heating process.
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High-Quality Heat Pumps for Sale at Solar Guru


Discover the Best in Heat Pump Technology

At Solar Guru, we pride ourselves on offering top-of-the-line heat pumps that combine efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology. Whether you’re looking to heat your home, business, or industrial space, our range of heat pumps is designed to meet your needs with unmatched performance and energy savings.


Why Choose Solar Guru Heat Pumps?

Superior Energy Efficiency

Our heat pumps are engineered to maximize energy efficiency, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs. With high COP (Coefficient of Performance) ratings, our heat pumps deliver more heat output per unit of energy consumed compared to traditional heating systems.


Advanced Technology

Solar Guru heat pumps are equipped with the latest innovations in HVAC technology. Features like variable-speed compressors, smart thermostats, and Wi-Fi connectivity ensure precise temperature control and seamless integration with your smart home systems.


Durable and Reliable

Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, our heat pumps are constructed using high-quality materials and components. Rigorous testing and quality control processes ensure that each unit meets the highest standards of durability and reliability, providing you with peace of mind.


Quiet Operation

Enjoy a comfortable environment without the noise. Our heat pumps are designed for quiet operation, ensuring that you can maintain a serene atmosphere in your home or workplace.


Environmentally Friendly

Solar Guru is committed to sustainability. Our heat pumps use eco-friendly refrigerants and are designed to minimize environmental impact, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.


Wide Range of Applications


Residential Heat Pumps

Keep your home warm and cozy during the colder months with our residential heat pumps. They are perfect for single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums, providing efficient heating solutions that cater to various residential needs.


Commercial Heat Pumps

Our commercial heat pumps are ideal for office buildings, retail spaces, and other commercial properties. They offer scalable solutions that can handle the demands of larger spaces while maintaining energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Industrial Heat Pumps

For industrial applications, Solar Guru offers robust heat pumps designed to meet the rigorous demands of factories, warehouses, and other industrial environments. These units are built to deliver consistent performance and reliability in challenging conditions.


Expert Installation and Support

Solar Guru provides comprehensive installation services to ensure your heat pump is set up for optimal performance. Our team of experienced technicians will guide you through the installation process and offer ongoing support to keep your system running smoothly.


Get in Touch

Ready to experience the benefits of high-quality heat pumps from Solar Guru? Contact us today to learn more about our products, get a free consultation, and find the perfect heat pump solution for your needs.


Solar Guru: Your Trusted Partner in Sustainable Heating Solutions

Transform your heating system with Solar Guru’s high-quality heat pumps. Enjoy superior comfort, energy savings, and environmental benefits with our state-of-the-art products. Join the Solar Guru family and take a step towards a greener, more efficient future.

Solar geysers consist of a solar collector and a storage tank for the hot water. A solar geyser can either heat water directly or it can use heat transfer liquids depending on your requirements.

Highest quality solar geysers for sale and we offer excellent solar geyser prices while all the installation fees are inclusive.
We offer heat pump solutions in all of these service areas.

Areas we operate

Solar Guru installs Solar Geysers in the  following areas:

Pretoria, Johannesburg and all surrounding areas of Gauteng.

Klerksdorp, Potchefstroom, Hartebeespoortdam and all surrounding areas in North-West province.

Need a solar geyser in Limpopo? You can also find our Guru’s there!