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Solar Guru offers high-quality solar panel products with a variety of sizes to choose from. A solar panel is a great way of being unrepentant from Eskom’s electricity grid while providing clean renewable energy to your home. Therefore, solar power generated by solar panels allow for a cleaner environment and reduces the overall carbon we have on the earth.

How solar panels work

Solar panels generate an electricity by receiving light, most commonly from the sun which is a free source of energy. The sun’s light travels by the means of photons which are smaller particles of light, traveling at the speed of light and makes up the entity we know as light. The photons make contact with the solar panels during the day, which allow electrons to break free from atoms. This process happens instantly when the sun is shining and the solar panel will generate a flow of electrical current in DC or Direct current. A solar inverter is placed in a solar system to convert the DC generated power generated by the solar panels to AC or Alternate current, to a clean sine wave current, ready to be used by electrical appliances.
So basically, photovoltaic is when solar PV panels produce voltage through photo-emissions when solar PV panels are exposed to radiant energy, typically light obtained from the sun.

How long does solar panels last?

Solar panels can last for years without any major maintenance required. Keeping a solar panel clean and making sure everything is perfectly connected is basically the only maintenance required for solar panels. Many solar panels manufacture offer 25 to 30-year warranties on their solar panel products. Solar panels do not degenerate easily if their installed and connected properly and also, if they’re kept clean from debris. However, a solar panel can produce less energy the older it gets, the amount of energy loss is about 0.5 efficiency loss per year.

How many solar panels do you require?

• Depending on your needs and electrical appliances you want to power, solar panels can be calculated by using the following factors:
• How much energy does your home or appliances consume in a specific time when they’re powered on?
• Can the home or business property accommodate solar panels on its roof and how many solar panels will be able to fit on the roof?
• Does the building for solar panel installation, receive enough sunlight? At times other buildings or trees can prevent the sun from shining directly on a roof.
• A professional wattage, voltage and amperage calculation to accommodate your electricity needs for solar should be conducted. This includes the inverter size, the solar battery bank, wiring, fuses and the total electricity consumption required.

Solar panels prices

Solar Guru provides excellent solar panel prices for residents of South Africa. We are always doing our best to provide everyone with the most affordable solar panel prices without degrading the solar panel qualities. Solar Guru provides high-quality but cost-effective solar panels.

Solar panel required components

• Solar PV panels – Collect solar energy from the sun to be used to power devices in a home.
• Solar inverter – Converts the solar energy collected as DC to AC current.
• Solar charge controller – A charge controller is used to charge the storage solar batteries.
• Solar connectors and cables – Transfers power from the solar PV panels into the solar inverter.
• Isolation switches
• Electrical Cable
• Mounting brackets for the solar PV panel
• Batteries and battery housing depending on type of battery
• Installation costs
• Qualified and trusted solar installer
• Electrician fees – may or may not need rewiring of existing electrical cables

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