Solar Guru Solar Geyser Pricelist

Solar Guru solar geyser pricelist

Solar Guru offers deliveries in the whole of Gauteng and in North West Kosh area

Low-Pressure Discount Deals!

Unbelievable Discount Prices!

Low-pressure solar geysers

5 years guarantee

SA Solar 100L low-pressure solar geyser – R4500,00

SA Solar 150L low-pressure solar geyser –  R6100,00

SA Solar 200L low-pressure solar geyser –  R7500,00


Integrated high-pressure solar geysers

5 years guarantee

100ℓ High-Pressure SA solar geyserR9,500.00

150ℓ High-Pressure SA solar geyser – R13,200.00

200ℓ High-Pressure SA solar geyserR16,500.00

300ℓ High-Pressure SA solar geyser – R23,000.00


Solar tube collectors

SA Solar 15 tube solar collectorR7,300.00

SA Solar 18 tube solar collectorR8,600.00

SA Solar 20 tube solar collector – R9,300.00

SA Solar 30 tube solar collector – R13,000.00

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