Solar Pool Pump

Solar Pool Pump on promotion. Was 24999.00 Now only R21999.00

Did you know pool water filtration is only needed during the sunny, daytime hours?  Of course, this is when most electric companies charge a premium for electricity usage!
Since you really only need to run your pump when the sun is shining, a solar pool pump is an excellent energy saving application to take advantage of.

Benefits of a solar pool pump

Reduce Your Energy Bills – by up to 40%.
Environmentally Friendly – Reduces your home’s carbon foot print
Adds Value To Your Home.
Extends the Life of your Pump – as much as 10 years
Lowest Maintenance Costs – Minimal costs


You can reduce your electric bills by using solar water pumps (essentially the same device as a solar pool pump) for these other related applications:

Solar Pool Pump Applications:

Swimming Pools | Spa | Pond management | Irrigation | Cattle watering

Price – Was 24999.00 Now only R21999.00

Price includes:
Solar pool pump, 2 X 300W PV Panels, Installation

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