Solar Geysers Technologies

Why get a Solar Water Heater?

The focus on residential solar water heaters comes because heating water is the biggest use of electricity in a typical mid-to-high income Cape Town household, and a solar water heater can cut your overall electricity bill by a third or more.

This saves the household money, and the more the electricity tariffs go up, the greater the savings.

But substantial benefits to all come from the broader adoption of solar water heaters.

This lowers overall demand on the electricity grid, particularly during peak hours when households tend to use hot water most, in the mornings before work and school, and in the evenings at dinner time and before bed.

This lower peak demand means a lower risk of blackouts, which helps everyone.

At Solar Geysers Technology, we supply both Guru Solar Geysers Systems and Apollo solar geysers solar geysers south africa eskom rebate



Key Benefits of our Solar Systems solar geysers south africa eskom rebate

*  Up to 90% of your water heating needs sourced directly from the Sun.
*  Up to 30% more efficient in frost prone areas.
*  A proven technology – widely used throughout the world.
*  High quality products backed by generous warranties.
*  Amongst the lowest greenhouse emissions of any system in the market.
*  Can pay for itself in 2-3 years.
*  Naturally frost protected – perfect for cold climates.