Whole House UPS System.

Whole House UPS System

Batteries Take Over When the Power Fails

Whole House UPS System

With the un-trusted supply of Eskom Power, prudent homeowners are thinking about what to do if the electricity goes off. And while gasoline-powered generators are a common solution, they are not a realistic option for those who live in apartments and crowded neighbourhoods and for those who do not want to store gasoline. Not to mention the ever increasing cost of Petrol and Diesel. Whole House UPS System

Advances in battery technology have made it possible for homeowners to have clean, quiet and virtually instantaneous emergency backup power without firing up gas generators in your backyards, with the accompanying noise and carbon monoxide. Whole House UPS System

Two types of battery-powered systems are available: those that will run a specific appliance or two and those that will take care of numerous appliances, even a whole house or apartment.

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What is a Whole House UPS System?

Many people inquire about Whole House UPS Systems for automatically providing AC power from a battery bank.  This would be similar to the UPS systems designed for desk-top computers but on a much larger scale.

The Solar guru House UPS systems fill a market niche between portable generators and automatic standby generators.  Most power outages last less than a couple hours and these systems easily provide backup AC power for that length of time.  These systems are silent and fully automatic and transfer extremely fast when line power is lost.  No more guessing how long an outage will last and whether it is worth the trouble to drag out that portable generator.  For most outages which are short this system eliminates that trouble!

How does the whole House UPS system operate?

Our  House UPS System consists of an inverter, charger, transfer relay, batteries, sometimes a transformer, multi-circuit transfer switch and cables.  This system will provide AC power to a few household circuits pre-selected by the user.  At any time the user can re-select the circuits that are provided power.  This circuit selection capability is useful to conserve battery power during an outage or to pre-select circuits that need to be maintained before an outage.  For long outages when the batteries are nearly discharged the user can plug the UPS supply cable into a portable generator to continue providing backup power for the household circuits while recharging the UPS battery bank.

– works with multi-circuit generator transfer switches already in use at thousands of homes
– automatically provides AC power to SELECTED house circuits in a fraction of a second during a power outage or brownout
– silent operation, little system maintenance required
– no need to run a portable generator except for long power outages
– run-time easily expandable by adding more batteries
– costs less, easier to install and works faster than an automatic standby generator

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