Solar Geysers Mmabatho

Solar geysers Mmabatho


Excellent solar geyser prices on our Premium solar water heaters, Kwikot solar geysers, solar geyser conversions, split solar systems and also SA solar geysers in Mmabatho provided by Solar Guru.


Save with a solar geyser


Saves you money and as a result, energy consumption that impacts our environment.

Save financially by eliminating electrical geyser usage, therefore, installing a solar geyser. With our solar geyser prices in Mmabatho, you will make a great investment financially and to the environment. Calculate savings by using our  Solar Geyser Savings Calculator. Get the best solar deals at Solar Guru which offer outstanding solar geyser prices in North West Province.  Using the sun to power a solar geyser, therefore, eliminating standard electrical needs. Save money and electrical demand in Mmabatho today.


Solar hot water heater


Heating water uses a process that requires an energy source to heat water above initial temperatures. Heating of water is generally accompanied by using an electrical geyser. Therefore, the energy consumption of an electrical geyser is high which contributes to higher electrical expenses. An element is used to heat water in an electrical geyser. However, using an element in times of power outages, you may be left without hot water.

Introducing solar hot water systems, therefore, pose a great alternative to standard electrical geysers. However, the demand is high for solar-powered water heaters in Mmabatho, because of the rising electricity costs. Energy from the sun is used as a source to heat water. Solar geysers in Mmabatho are typically installed on roofs because there is enough sunlight. Using the sun as an energy source, therefore you will save money and also decrease the negative impact on the environment.  We at Solar guru has a wide range of solar products at competitive solar geyser prices in North West Province.

Below are our Solar geysers Mmabatho products


Solar geyser installations are all-inclusive at Solar Guru.

Installations of solar geysers by Solar Guru.

Contact one of our Guru’s for any more solar geyser information.

Provided are the following high-quality solar geyser products at affordable solar geyser prices in North West Province:



Flat plate solar geyser collector by Solar Guru Mmabatho


Used in Mmabatho and North West Province and the most popular and also the oldest solar system is Solar flat panel collectors. Two grades of solar flat panel systems in the area of Mmabatho,  low graded solar flat panel collectors and high graded solar flat panel geysers.

Offered by Solar Guru is our High graded solar geyser flat panel collectors. Simplistic technology is used in solar geyser flat plate collectors and its also easy to manufacture. Our solar flat plate collectors offer a great value for money to our clients in the area of Mmabatho.  Retrofitted solar geyser flat plate collectors using a Geyser wise electrical backup system in the Mmabatho area. Solar Guru is a leading solar flat plate supplier and installer. All our solar flat plate collectors in Mmabatho are SABS approved and as a result, comes with a 5-year manufactures warranty. A 1-year installation warranty on our solar flat plate collector.


Key features of flat plate hot water heaters in Mmabatho


Approvals of solar flat panels by all estates and residential complexes in Mmabatho and surrounding areas of North West Province. Compliment your property with solar flat panel geysers, therefore providing your home with a modern look in the area of Mmabatho. Ensure high thermal output that will last you years with our high quality solar geysers.

Using our solar flat plate collectors in Mmabatho, therefore, eliminating the visual impact of the geyser installed on your house. Resistance to wind because of the design of our solar flat panel collectors offered in Mmabatho.

Resistance to corrosion with our Solar geyser flat plate collectors due to the premium build quality.

Frost protection on all our solar flat panels combined with the Geyser wise max system, that is to say when temperatures go sub-zero in the area of Mmabatho.


Installing a solar flat panel collector


Installing solar geyser flat plate collector in Mmabatho is a simplistic task. For instance, our solar geyser flat plate collectors have a groove in the frame, therefore allowing them to be Mmabathoed by brackets on a roof. Requires minimal maintenance on solar flat panel collectors, as a result of their high-quality design.


Solar geyser flat panel collector information


Assistance by our professional team are what Solar Guru offers you. 10-year Installation services on solar geysers and solar flat panels provided by Solar Guru. Buying a solar flat panel geyser in Mmabatho includes all installation fees.


How solar flat panel collectors in Mmabatho work


Circulating water is heated by solar flat panel collectors to a temperature less than the boiling Mmabatho. An excellent solution by our solar flat plate collectors, because households in Mmabatho demand water temperatures of around 30-70°C.  Energy used by the solar flat panel collector is sourced by the sun. Sales of solar flat panel geysers are in high demand. Heat 200L up to 400L of water per day depending on the climate of the Mmabatho area. However, install a solar flat panel in Mmabatho and get a retrofitted 150L Guru split system geyser, 200L Guru split system geyser and our 300L Guru split system geyser.


Mmabatho solar flat plate conversion


Save today with our outstanding solar geyser prices in Mmabatho. Installing our solar flat panel conversions in Mmabatho, therefore, you keep your existing geyser which is used as a storage tank. The most popular and also affordable solar product in the area of Mmabatho is our solar geyser flat plate conversions

. Save today with our variety of solar conversion products at excellent solar geyser prices in North West Province.


Energy usage of electrical geysers vs Solar flat panel geysers in Mmabatho


Energy consumption to heat water in Mmabatho is 40-60% of all household electrical appliances. Therefore, save 50-70% with solar hot water heaters on expenses. Very competitive solar geyser prices offered by Solar Guru in the area of Mmabatho and North West Province.


Solar Geyser product information



Kwikot Solar Geyser

Solar Guru, a Kwikot solar geyser installer and trusted Kwikot solar geyser supplier


Kwikot solar geysers


Solar Guru is a proud supplier and installer of Kwikot solar geysers. Kwikot takes the lead in hot water storage systems because they’re in the market for more than 100 years.


How does a Kwikot solar geyser work?


A Kwikot closed coupled Thermosiphon solar system

By using the solar energy from the sun, Kwikot solar geysers generate hot water when there’s little to no electricity. A Kwikot solar geyser installation is done higher than the solar collector. Therefore, heated liquid rises by creating a Thermosiphon circulation between the Kwikot solar geyser and the solar collector.


A Kwikot split pump system

This is where the kwikot solar geyser installation is lower in the roof and the solar collector is installed higher. To ensure liquid circulation between the Kwikot solar geyser and the solar collector, a pump is installed. The Kwikot solar pump does not have to consume energy because it uses the solar panel for energy production.

Kwikot vacuum tube system


A solar tube system is more efficient than using a flat plate system due to the design of the tubes. Solar rays from the sun heats the Kwikot solar tubes more effectively due to them being round, therefore, they absorb heat better.


No Sunlight to heat a Kwikot solar geyser


Using a Kwikot solar geyser, having no sunlight is not a problem. Our Kwikot geysers comes with an electrical element which can be turned on in times where there is little or no sunlight. Implementing this system we still guarantee our clients of energy savings.


Kwikot solar geyser maintenance


Maintenance is almost not needed on all our Kwikot solar geyser products. General leak checking and cleaning of the solar collector would suffice.  Top up the heat transfer liquid every 3 years and you’ll be assured your Kwikot solar geyser stays in excellent working condition.


Kwikot solar geyser prices


Solar Guru leads the market in Kwikot solar geysers. We offer excellent Kwikot solar geyser prices to save you on expenses with the solar geyser and in the long run using it. All our Kwikot solar geyser prices includes all installation services.


Solar Guru’s Kwikot solar geyser products:


  • 100 Liter Kwiksol solar geyser
  • 150 Liter Kwiksol solar geyser
  • 200 Liter Kwiksol solar geyser
  • Kwiksol conversion
  • Kwiksol Direct System



We ensure to provide you with only the highest quality solar geyser products in the market. You are more than welcome to browse through all our Kwikot solar geyser products.


SA solar geysers in Mmabatho by Solar Guru


Solar Guru is a proud supplier of SA solar geysers in Mmabatho and surrounding areas of North West Province. Solar Guru is a proud SA solar geyser installer in Mmabatho, therefore, you’ll save on expenses but also contributes to reducing our carbon footprint on the world.

How much you save using an SA solar geyser in Mmabatho.


Benefit from our affordable solar geyser prices in North West Province, you’ll save on energy, therefore your expenses are lowered to heat water.  Consumption demand on energy by an electrical geyser is high. Use our Solar savings calculator to determine your total SA solar geyser savings in the area of Mmabatho. Call one of our friendly Gurus for any assistance in the Mmabatho area.


SA solar system in Mmabatho


SA solar geysers in Mmabatho consist of modern tube technologies.

Production of SA solar geysers from stainless steel, therefore, offers great resistance against rain, corrosion and hail.

Thick 2.2mm evacuated tubes on SA solar geysers in Mmabatho.

SA solar geysers have a pre-coated resistant wrap which protects against corrosion in the area of Mmabatho.

The SA Solar high-pressure water heater in Mmabatho is rated at 400kPA.

An electrical backup system, Geyser wise element controller, is included in our SA solar geyser products offered in Mmabatho.

Installations of SA solar geyser systems are inclusive and also have a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


How SA solar hot water heaters work


  • Cold water pushes up the warm water through natural convection.
  • Heating of cold water in the SA solar geysers offered in Mmabatho is done by a copper rod inside the vacuum tube of the storage tank.
  • Our SA solar geysers come with a t/p valve, drain cock and also an air release.
  • SA Solar high-pressure solar geysers from Solar guru allows installing a backup element.
  • Solar Guru provides well equipped and professional SA solar geyser installers in the area of Mmabatho and surrounding areas of North West Province.
  • Contact one of our Guru’s today for more information regarding our SA Solar high-pressure solar geysers in Mmabatho.


Solar Guru offers the following SA Solar high-pressure solar geysers in Mmabatho:


100-liter SA solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 1-2 adults living in Mmabatho.


150-liter SA solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 2-3 adults living in Mmabatho.


200-liter SA solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 3-4 adults living in Mmabatho.


300-liter SA solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 5-6 adults living in Mmabatho.


See all our SA solar water heating products proudly offered in Mmabatho by Solar Guru.



SA solar water heaters in Mmabatho information


Installing an SA solar geyser, however, relies on the Mmabatho climate and the location best suited for its installation. Install SA solar water heaters in areas with enough sunlight exposure and not in shade. The professional Solar Guru team in the area of Mmabatho will best assist you by the placement of your SA solar hot water solar heater.


Get the best deals from Solar guru today!


Save with our Promotions and our solar geyser prices. Solar Guru also offers Solar Geyser Conversions are a great alternative solar solution. Excellent Solar geyser prices in North West Province by Solar Guru. Investment to your home by SA solar geysers and Premium solar Geysers.



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