Why talk to GreenFin?

– When using one of our approved suppliers, you get 5 years minimum gaurantee

– You also get 12 month installation gaurantee from that supplier or installer;

– We pay the supplier directly and they install within 7 days

– Suppliers must also offer you an maintance plan

– GreenFin also insure your GreenFin loan against death, dissability, loss of employment

– Best of all is this can all happen on the same day

Tell me more?

The high cost of electricity in South Africa is possibly already putting financial strain on your household. The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has granted Eskom allowance to increase electricity prices by an average of 8% for the next five years (2013 – 2018).

On top of this your electricity provider (municipality) may further increase tariffs to you. These tariff hikes most likely came as an unpleasant announcement on top of the ever-increasing fuel prices and general cost of inflation. In addition, Eskom has urged all South Africans to save 10% of their electricity usage as part of their 49m campaign.

Unfortunately we can all expect more electricity price increases in coming years. This is why its important to make the necessary changes sooner rather than later.  The fact of the matter is that in the long run solar power and other sources of green energy are more affordable, more sustainable and worth the initial expense.

GreenFin has developed a unique finance product to assist in the initial investment into green energy solutions without hurting your pocket even further.

GreenFin provide finance for:

Solar Panels/Systems
Green Energy Generators
Heat Pumps
Insulation of houses/hotels
LED/Solar Lighting

Off-grid Solar Power Kits
Solar Geysers
Water Purification Systems
Wind Turbines
Double / Triple Glazed Windows

Solar Inverters/Regulators
Other Renewable Energy Solutions
Agri Products
Hybrid Cars/Bikes

GreenFin finance all of these products AND the full installation, up to R250,000 with no deposit required. This means there is no initial outlay that leaves a dent in your pocket. Our finance deals are structured to suit your needs. Our aim is help you save money from day one.