Solar Panels and solar inverters Klerksdorp

Solar Panels and Solar Inverters Klerksdorp

Solar Guru offers solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries for all your solar installation requirements in Klerksdorp.

Solar Panel products in Klerksdorp

Solar Guru  offers solar panel products to all provinces across Klerksdorp, North West. By using solar panels in Klerksdorp, you are generating electricity in a dependent manner from using Eskom. Therefore, you save on electricity bills and also, you have electricity generated by the solar panels, to keep your power on during times of load-shedding or power outages in the Klerksdorp area. Solar Guru  offers a wide range of solar panels which include:

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330 Watt Solar Panels Klerksdorp

Solar Guru offers solar panel products in variety of sizes and shapes to specifically meet your needs for converting to solar in Klerksdorp.

How do solar panels generate electricity in Klerksdorp?

Solar panels generate electricity from light, basically speaking. Therefore, the sun is our biggest source of light and we mainly use the free radiant light or energy from the sun in combination with solar panels to generate electricity in Klerksdorp. Light travels from the sun in particles known as photons. The photons received from the sun, makes direct contact with the solar PV panel collector which then breaks electrons free from atoms, therefore, generating a flow of current or electricity for your home in Klerksdorp. Basically, the solar panel’s photovoltaic cells convert solar energy from the sun into usable electricity. The electricity generated by solar panels installed in Klerskdorp, are collected as DC (direct current) energy. The direct current is then transferred to a solar inverter and is converted to AC (alternate current) energy which could power your electrical devices in Klerksdorp.

Solar Panel maintenance in Klerksdorp

Maintenance on solar panels are not really required if the solar panels were installed carefully and correctly in Klerksdorp. As stated before, solar panels can last a very long time in Klerksdorp, due to their design and quality-built factor. If you keep your solar panels clean from snow, dust and debris, they should last for years to come at your home situated in Klerksdorp.

How long do solar panels last in Klerksdorp?

Solar Panels in Klerksdorp can last for decades because solar panels are very durable product with no moving parts. Many solar panel manufacturers provide solar panel warranties up to 30 years for residents in Klerksdorp. However, solar panels can become less efficient over the years to produce clean energy compared to when you installed them in Klerksdorp. Solar Panels in Klerksdorp lose around 0.5 efficiency per year which is not much at all.

How many solar panels do you need in Klerksdorp?

Determining the amount of solar PV panels you require would depend on your solar requirements and electricity usage for your home in Klerksdorp.  An easy start to determine the number of solar panels you require in Klerksdorp, is to determine the flowing factors:

  • How much energy does your home consume in Klerksdorp?
  • Is your home in Klerksdorp’s roof capable for solar panel installations and what is the area size of your roof?
  • Most areas around Klerksdorp have sunny days, but are your house situated to receive direct sunlight?
  • The required wattage and efficiency of the solar panels you want to install at your home in Klerksdorp.

Solar Panel installations Klerksdorp

Solar Guru Klerksdorp provides excellent solar panel product but we also provide you with outstanding solar panel installation services. Our team of solar panel experts in Klerksdorp will calculate your solar panel requirements and provide you with a correctly sized solar panel array. Also, our technical solar panel installers in Klerksdorp will conduct all the necessary solar panel installations for you.

How many solar PV panels do you need?

Determining the amount of solar PV panels, you require would depend on your solar requirements for your home.  An easy start to determine the number of solar panels you require, is to determine the flowing factors:

  • How much energy does your home consume?
  • Is your home’s roof capable for solar panel installations and what is the area size of your roof?
  • Most areas around South Africa have sunny days, but are your house situated to receive direct sunlight?
  • The required wattage and efficiency of the solar panels you want to install.

Solar panel prices in Klerksdorp

Solar Guru provides affordable solar panel prices for everyone in Klerksdorp. But affordability doesn’t mean inferior quality on our solar panels in Klerksdorp. We offer the latest and best branded original solar panel products at competitive prices to Klerksdorp. Give us a call today to find out more and get the best price on a solar panel product available in Klerksdorp.

Solar panel efficiencies in Klerksdorp.

Monocrystalline solar panels usually produce the highest efficiencies to generate solar energy in Klerksdorp. Also, monocrystalline PV panels have the highest power capacities in Klerksdorp. Most efficiencies of monocrystalline PV panels reach more than 20% while polycrystalline solar panels reach 15% to 17% in the area of Klerksdorp. Monocrystalline solar panels usually have higher wattage modules which allow them to generate more power from the sun in Klerksdorp.

Klerksdorp Solar Panel types

Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline solar panels in Klerksdorp have solar cells made of silicon slices or wafers. To build a polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panel, slices are placed into rows and columns which creates a rectangle covered with a glass sheet, then also framed together for people in Klerksdorp. Polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels are made in this manner. Monocrystalline PV panels and Polycrystalline PV panels consists of silicon cells designed in slices. However, monocrystalline and polycrystalline have differences with the architecture of the silicon designs. A single pure crystal is used to construct solar cells which are used in the design of monocrystalline PV panels in Klerksdorp. Designing Polycrystalline solar panel solar cells, pieces of silicon crystals are melted together to form a mould before they’re cut into slices or wafers.

340 Watt Solar Panel Products Klerksdorp

Choosing the right solar panel can be difficult for many people living in Klerksdorp, however, our team at solar guru Klerksdorp, can assist you in choosing the correctly sized solar panel or solar array for your home.

Solar Panel Installation by Solar Installer Klerksdorp
Installing Solar Panels On Roof Klerksdorp

There are many factors to consider when installing solar panels, but most importantly, is to calculate for the solar panels to receive the most sun for most hours during the day in Klerksdorp. Solar Guru’s Solar Panel team can assist you with solar panel installations in Klerksdorp.

Solar Inverter products in Klerksdorp

Klerksdorp Solar inverter functionality

We know that solar panels in Klerksdorp produce energy or electricity in a DC current, but our electrical appliances require AC current in a sine wave to operate without damages made the the appliances. Therefore, we use a solar inverter in Klerksdorp. A solar inverter converts the DC current obtained by the solar panels in the solar battery bank, and transforms it into a working and clean AC electrical current for household use in Klerksdorp. Without a solar inverter, the solar panel array and the solar battery bank would be useless when it comes to powering computers, fridges and other household appliances in Klerksdorp.

Grid-tie solar inverter Klerksdorp

Solar panels in Klerksdorp produce DC current which is connected to a regular AC grid by the means of a solar inverter. So basically, the solar panels generate electricity which can be connected to the electricity grid of Klerksdorp by the means of a grid-tied solar inverter. Setting up such a system, allows you to supply a load by using solar power or the Eskom’s electricity grid in Klerksdorp. A grid-tied solar inverter latches itself to the electricity grid’s frequencies and voltages in Klerksdorp. A grid-tied inverter can only be installed in locations such as Klerksdorp where there is an electricity grid available. When the solar array produces more current than what is needed for a home in Klerksdorp, the grid-tie inverter diverts all the excessive electricity back into the Eskom grid.

Klerksdorp Off-grid solar inverter

Off-grid solar inverters in Klerksdorp are best suited for people who want to be completely off the Eskom grid and be self-efficient, or for people who do not have access to Eskom’s electricity grid. A fully installed off-grid solar system in Klerksdorp can be pricey but, it can save large amount of money in the long term. Solar panels in Klerksdorp generate DC power which is stored in a solar battery bank. The off-grid solar inverter converts the DC power stored in the battery bank to AC current to use in your home in Klerksdorp. A off-grid solar inverter can also be connected to a generator as a backup power if the solar panels doesn’t produce enough power in Klerksdorp. Therefore, installing a complete off-grid solar system in Klerksdorp with an off-grid solar inverter, always ensure to correctly size your solar panel array and also your battery bank. Solar Guru’s Klerksdorp solar team of experts can assist you with correctly sizing an off-grid solar inverter and system.

Hybrid solar inverter Klerksdorp

The most simple and economical solar and battery systems use a hybrid solar inverter in Klerksdorp. These inverters combine a solar inverter, charger and battery inverter together with software which can be programmed to determine the most efficient use of your available energy in Klerksdorp. Having all the components in one simple plug and play unit means hybrid inverters in Klerksdorp are generally much lower cost and easier to install. These hybrid solar inverters in Klerksdorp also offer instantaneous backup like a UPS.

a Hybrid inverter are a very affordable choice for average size households in Klerksdorp who want to be more self-sufficient using solar and batteries but don’t intend on disconnecting from the grid or rarely experience blackouts,

hybrid solar system in Klerksdorp uses a simple hybrid inverter which contains a solar inverter and battery inverter/charger together with clever controls which determine the most efficient use of your available energy.

SA Solar Solar inverters in Klerksdorp

Solar Guru offers SA Solar solar inverters in Klerksdorp at affordable prices. SA Solar solar inverters are highly efficient and offers excellent performance in solar installations in Klerksdorp. Below are our SA Solar solar inverter products offered in Klerksdorp:

3KW 24V SA Solar Hybrid Inverter Klerkdorp

Solar Guru Growatt 3KW 24V Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter

3KW 48V SA Solar Hybrid Inverter Klerkdorp

Solar Guru Growatt 3KW 48V Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter

5KW 48V SA Solar Hybrid Inverter Klerkdorp

Solar Guru 5KW 48V Growatt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter

Solar battery products in Klerksdorp

Solar batteries for sale in Klerksdorp

Solar Guru offers solar batteries at excellent prices in Klerksdorp. We offer lead-acid Gel batteries, lithium-ion batteries and AGM solar batteries to people in Klersdorp. Solar batteries are used for solar applications to store the energy obtained by solar panels in Klerksdorp. Purchasing and sizing your solar battery bank is one of the most important aspects of any solar installation in Klerksdorp.

Solar battery prices in Klerksdorp

Our Solar team in Klerksdorp always do our best to provide you the best prices on high-quality solar battery products. We understand that solar battery prices can seem high and that is why our dedicated solar team in Klerksdorp is determined to give you the best price for the correct battery configuration which will meet your requirements in Klerksdorp.

Lead-Acid batteries in Klerksdorp

Lead-Acid battery technology has been around for over 150 years and been used commonly by residents in Klerksdorp. Also, lead-acid batteries are 99% recyclable and is provided at affordable prices by Solar Guru in Klerksdorp, which suits almost everyone’s budget. Lead-Acid batteries are mostly the perfect choice for most people in Klerksdorp going solar or need battery storage solutions. See our range of lead-acid batteries offered in Klerkdorp:

Lithium-ion batteries in Klerksdorp

Solar Guru is your local expert with lithium-ion batteries in Klerksdorp, North West. Lithium-ion batteries offered to Klerksdorp, have a greater DoD and offers extended warranties giving our clients in Klerksdorp a greater peace at mind. Lithium-ion batteries we offer in Klerksdorp are more expensive but they last longer and offer greater performance when compared to standard Gel batteries. See our range of lihium-ion batteries offered to Klerksdorp:


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